Established in 2008 in South Sudan, Loreto Rumbek Primary and Secondary School educates girls from ages 5 to 20.

Our Challenge - educating girls in South Sudan

Welcome to Loreto Rumbek

Girls in South Sudan face extreme adversity in the pursuit of academic success. Even a basic education is a right denied to many.

Young girls and especially young women are less likely to enroll and more likely to drop out.

About our School

Loreto Rumbek is made up of a primary school, a secondary school and Primary Health Care. The school first opened in 2008 and provides a much needed place of education for girls aged 14-20.

Principal's Message

We hear from Sr. Orla Treacy
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Primary School

Boys and girls, aged 5-14.
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Secondary School

Girls, aged 14 to 20 years.
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Health Care

Achieving better health for all
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Recent News

Pilgrimage of Peace

A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place where saints have walked and God has met and ...
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The Loreto Peace Concert – promoting conflict resolution

The Loreto Peace Club is a vibrant group of students from the Loreto Girls Secondary School (LGSS). With ...
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Tree of Life

Healing through Sharing

Recently, our Senior Two students learned to vividly describe their existence in terms of a Tree of Life. ...
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