Established in 2008 in South Sudan, Loreto Rumbek Primary and Secondary School educates girls from ages 5 to 20.

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Students and community members participate in Healing and Rebuilding workshop

Over the midterm break, a group of students and community members participated in a three-day Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) workshop at Loreto.
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Graduation 2018

Celebrating a journey – our annual graduation ceremony

Our 8th graduation for the senior 4 class of 2018 took place on November 21, 2018. This year we had the largest number of girls graduating with 48. The theme for this graduation was "I have the ability to change and build". Congratulations our candidates and continued success in the National exams.
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Teaching and learning through mentorship

Our mentorship programme reinforces the idea that the world is a safe place, something children can't always hear or see often enough.
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Rearing and caring for animals on the school farm

In the Loreto animal enclosure, we rear goats and pigs. When one of the goats gave birth to four kids, she could not produce enough milk to feed them. To help the kids survive, our agriculture teacher and some of our students helped by bottle-feeding the young goats – they are now healthy and thriving.…
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Debating club – listening, learn from and educating each other

Girls from the Debating club recently took part in the annual grand debate, with students from neighbouring schools. Debates are a good avenue for students to build their confidence through public speaking and to think critically.
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Student visit to the Rumbek state hospital

A recent visit by Peace Club members to the local hospital reminded is that small acts of solidarity help to open the doors and hearts of our community members – making them receptive to hearing our message of peace.
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Peace club welcomes MCC to the school

On 9th October, a group from the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) visited Loreto and were entertained by the Loreto Peace Club members.
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Fundraising for LPHCU

Coming together to fundraise for the Primary Health Care Unit

Before the end of our previous school term, our students were encouraged to donate whatever they could afford to support the less fortunate in our community
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The path to Senior One – encouraging our students to meet their potential

Working together - parental encouragement is vital to when it comes to giving our students the best possible chance to succeed at their studies. Here we look at the path through to the Senior One class.
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Education beyond limits – Loreto Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

The Accelerated Learning Program is a haven for students who might struggle to attend school because of age, marital status, or disability. Many people from the local community are benefiting from this program.
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School holidays

School Holidays and the challenges they bring to our students

Holiday time brings a variety of opportunities and challenges to our students. While many will take time and rest away from their studies, some must convince their families to allow them to return once a new term resumes.
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Winding up term joyfully – Sports Days at Loreto

Before breaking for the holidays, and after the end of term exams, the school ran a series of sports events over three consecutive days.
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Loreto prefect body

Nuturing the leaders of the future

The student council helps fulfil parts of the mission of our school which includes leadership training and empowering young women.
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dorm life

Boarding at Loreto – a place to rest, grow and feel safe

A place to call home - our school provides much needed refuge to girls, allowing them to focus on their education in safe surroundings.
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Family Day at Loreto Rumbek

Family get together – reinforcing the bonds of family

The Loreto School Family system enables students from different communities, ethnic groups and socioeconomic status to feel protected and nurtured through strong family bonds.
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Pilgrimage of Peace

At the start of our midterm break, our Senior 4 class made a 40km peace pilgrimage to Wulu, accompanied by some of our graduates and staff.
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Embracing beauty and diversity

The beauty pageant aims to help the girls appreciate their inner beauty and diversity by embracing various cultures, while also allowing them to appreciate their own culture. At this year’s event, regional and national pride was evident.
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The Loreto Peace Concert – promoting conflict resolution

The theme of this year’s concert was unity and peace - the girls danced, sang songs, and recited poems to communicate the importance of peace.
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Tree of Life

Healing through Sharing

The 'Tree of Life' is a a workshop methodology which is helping our students recover from trauma, encouraging them to build resilience as they face into the future.
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Emergency Feeding Program

Emergency feeding program at the Loreto Healthcare unit

Over the past year we have been running an emergency feeding program for malnourished infants, some as young as six months old. The Loreto PHCU is also educating young mothers on disease prevention, early detection and treatment.
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Sr Mary Mumu

Tribute to Sr. Mary Mumu

During her 17 years of service in Rumbek, Sr. Mary was well known as a mother and leader of women; a pillar of strength she acted as guide, companion and supporter throughout the early years of the school.
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Developing our teaching methods at Loreto Primary School

At Loreto Primary School we are currently running a sensory project as part of our in-service teacher training program for capacity building.
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Mary and Elizabeth – the twins who survived and flourished

When an expectant mother gives birth to twins in South Sudan it is very likely that neither or only one of them will survive. Meet Loreto Rumbek students - Mary Adit and Elizabeth Achien. In a couple of months, these two girls will be sitting for the national exam.
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Electricity simple circuit

Sparking an interest in science – the Loreto Science Fair

It is a hot busy day at Loreto Primary School, with an occasional breeze and the sounds of children bursting with excitement as they assemble under a big lulu tree. In a few minutes, the Science Fair will begin, a highly anticipated event filled with educational entertainment. At the end of every term, the school…
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Loreto Girls Win Essay Contest on Women’s Contribution to Peace in South Sudan

Loreto Girls Win Essay Contest on Women’s Contribution to Peace in South Sudan

This year, the UN called upon students from Secondary schools through a competitive essay contest on the critical topic of “How can Women Contribute to Durable Peace in South Sudan”.
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Loreto – Rumbek Extended Impact Report 2017

Our Extended Impact report for 2017 has been published and is now available for download.
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Sr. Orla Treacy recognized for her humanitarian work in South Sudan

Sr. Orla from Bray, Ireland, has been with the Loreto — Ireland Mission in South Sudan since its inception in 2006. One of three sisters originally sent to develop the school, Sr. Orla has remained a constant in the community for 12 years. In this time, the Loreto Girls Secondary School in Rumbek has grown…
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Welcome to our new website

Welcome! We would love to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new website for the Loreto Programs in Rumbek, South Sudan. We know that most of our friends and supporters may not be able to visit us in person and we hope that this website will help you to stay involved. For those…
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