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Mental Health Support – Counselling and psychosocial care

In response to traumatic incidents in our community, the Loreto Peace Club provides psychosocial support to our students and community through an adapted Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) methodology called Listening Circles.

Margret AthieiIn these circles, participants share their stories and receive support in dealing with grief and mistrust.

The Peace Club also facilitates Tree of Life sessions to help build trauma resilience in our students.

In this approach, the individual is a tree with roots, branches, leaves, fruits and a trunk, all anchored to the ground.

Together with other individuals who are also trees, they create a forest to show their interdependence. This concept reinforces the importance of interdependence and the need to take care of each other for mutual benefit.

These interventions have had a great impact in providing our community with tools and strategies for trauma healing and resiliency.

Makol Kon, a community member living near Loreto Rumbek –

“We have learnt many causes and solutions to conflicts arising between neighbours, families and communities. From the Listening Circles that we had at Loreto, our elders acknowledged that most of the problems in our community can easily be solved if we adopted peace and reconciliation as opposed to revenge and hatred.”

Conflict Resolution and Trauma Healing

At Loreto Rumbek, our students face issues related to trauma, anger management and conflict resolution. In a recent survey, more than half of our primary school respondents indicated that they engage in physical confrontations when provoked, while 32% suggested that they would plan a revenge scenario.

Meanwhile, 100% of secondary school respondents indicated that they would fight, shout, throw objects or plan a revenge scenario when provoked.

To help our students to learn healthy ways to deal with anger and conflict, as well as positive coping mechanisms for addressing trauma, Loreto Rumbek provides a range of mental health services.

We believe that emotional and mental wellbeing is a human right. In our context where many of our students have experienced various forms of trauma, psycho-social interventions are essential and sometimes vital. We provide individual and group sessions for counselling and psychotherapy.

In group counselling and psychotherapy, our goal is to improve in one way or another, the lives of our students, interns and graduates.

These sessions help our beneficiaries to learn how to relate to themselves and others in healthy ways, improve their self esteem, manage stress and anxiety, and learn strategies and tools for trauma healing and resiliency.
n individual psychotherapy we treat psychological, psycho-social and psycho-somatic disorders and difficulties using a range of psychotherapeutic methods.

The Mary Ward Health Care Centre continues to provide a safe space for students to heal and grow.

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