Established in 2008 in South Sudan, Loreto Rumbek Primary and Secondary School educates girls from ages 5 to 20.

Secondary School

History of the School

Loreto Secondary School is situated eight km from Rumbek town. The school opened in April 2008 as the first Girls’ Secondary Boarding School in Western Lakes State. The work of Loreto Sisters around the world is inspired by the vision of Mary Ward who believed that ‘women in time to come will do much’.

In choosing to open a school in Rumbek the Sisters continue to support the dream of Mary Ward in a situation where girls would otherwise have limited opportunities for education.

The Loreto School is part of the Diocese of Rumbek (DOR). The school brings together girls from different clans and tribes within South Sudan and provides an environment where the girls learn to live and study together.

The school, in promoting unity among students while also respecting difference, contributes to the vision for a peaceful future in South Sudan. 

Mission Statement

Rumbek Girls’ Secondary School aims to facilitate the development of each student to her full academic, personal, spiritual and social potential in a Loreto, Catholic, caring, respectful, happy and safe school environment.


In providing an education for children of the Western Lakes State in independent South Sudan, as stakeholders of the schools we believe we are ultimately contributing to: A society which enjoys peace, security and can nurture development; a community where human rights are cherished and there is respect for one another, particularly for women; an individual sense of responsibility to serve and; for all, there is a unity of purpose.

School Values

Secondary - homework

The Loreto schools provide an environment where children can be children, where they learn, be creative, can play and will be safe.

The education provided in the schools will seek to promote critical reflection and independence of mind.

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The schools will respond to the educational needs of the community and strive to include children from all groups of the community regardless of social, economic or ethnic background.

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The schools will strive to provide a holistic education, including the importance of spiritual development, as chosen by each student. As a Catholic school, Catholic faith will be celebrated in the school.

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All students of the schools are cherished equally regardless of ability, creed, class or ethnic background.

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The schools will celebrate and promote a pride in local culture, and will actively involve the school in the local community.

The schools will pursue an excellence which is appropriate to each student and strive to develop her/his potential to the full.

Secondary - study time

As a community which provides education, the schools will consult with and value the opinions of staff, students, the community and other important stakeholders.

The Challenge - Educating girls in South Sudan

Female children in South Sudan face extreme adversity in the pursuit of academic success

Even a basic education is a right denied to many. Young girls and especially young women are less likely to enroll and more likely to drop out.

Secondary class
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